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trial day

a taste of l’écoline

The choice of a school or a pre-school for your children is a very sensitive issue. We all have our own priorities and values for the education of our children.
At l’écoline we want to help you to make the best choice for your children.
That’s why we’re offering you a taste of l’écoline, with a one day (or half day) trial in our campus.

Depending of your child’s age, you can stay with him/her for a while until he/she feels confident to stay without you. Your child will experience a day at l’écoline : what we do in the classroom, meeting our team, making fun with the little friends, discovering the surroundings thanks to our daily walks in the forest and near the lake…

We want you to make your choice comfortably. After a day, you’ll see if your child feels secure, happy and wants more !
If you’re interested, contact us to arrange your trial day !