our vision

our vision

a school where Children develop their potential in a positive, creative and responsible manner !

the hundred languages of Children

Inspired by Reggio Emilia approach, we encourage children to develop their potential and unique gifts by empowering them as actors in the learning process. By respecting their pace, they gain self-confidence and develop a love for learning. Thanks to a creative space organization, Children can play and learn alone or in small groups, which helps to find the best approach for each of them.

transmit our love of learning

We give children the opportunity to love what they do, nurture their curiosity and satisfy their thirst for discovery. Children can progress in the main fields of learning, thanks to a project pedagogy in which every Child can express its own talents. The great variety and quality of material offered in the classrooms contribute to stimulate their thirst and joy of learning.

offer a bilingual context

We believe that introducing children to a foreign language (French or English) in school right from the start is a real asset and strength in today’s society. Each class at L’écoline is taught jointly by one French-speaking and one English-speaking adult. Each teacher speaks his/her native language offering the children total language immersion.

provide an exceptional environment

We offer locales, designed with the well-being of small children in mind and organized in a way to favour their learning process. Children play outside on the terrace, explore the nearby shores of Lake Geneva and enjoy the neighbouring public playgrounds under the constant supervision and watchful eye of the education team.

make a living school together

By joining together to create L’écoline, we made a commitment to keep the school alive and growing, just like its students. We like to work with and for the families and children attending the school, in a trusting and sharing atmosphere, but also with other professionnal and passionate people coming from various horizons.

prepare each child for further schooling

we prepare children for primary school (from 6 years old). Specific activities are introduced into the curriculum at the end of their last year at L’écoline to ensure a smooth and successful transition.