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our values

Day care workers, teachers, clubs teachers, specialists, managers, assistants… we are one team dedicated to a common goal : transmit our love of learning.


Our first priority is that the children and their families feel welcome and happy at écoline. From a smiling, pleasant and professional team, to the quality pedagogy and activities on offer, as well as the facilities’ layout and design, everything is done to ensure that everyone feels at home here.


We are very attentive to children and what they have to share. We listen to what children have to say and we teach them to do the same towards each other. We feel that a place where children can be heard provides a secure and respectful environment for them.


Through a positive approach we value observation over evaluation of children. Projects and children’s activities are documented through exhibition, photos, videos, etc. thus enabling the children to learn and enrich themselves by observing their own work and that of their peers.


Our teaching rhythm is constantly adapted to every individuals potential and child’s personality, within the limits of what is possible and the respect of the community’s rules. Children are supported to develop their personal talents rather than trying to adhere to a strict learning schedule.


We feel that it is very important to maintain close relations with each family. Through a transparent process we regularly share the children’s projects and our observations. Families are welcomed into the life of the school through celebrations, activities etc…