Newsletter 7


Jade was the birthday girl this week and she particularly enjoyed the activity of bathing the dolls and washing and drying their clothes. Children also had the opportunity to match numerals to miniature pegs-also practicing fine motor skills.

Matthias began to explore how he could make a slide for conkers and the idea was extended by other children.

This week we visited a vineyard. We saw grapes being poured into a machine and get squashed. We were able to follow the pipe and see as well as taste the juice coming out the other end. It was delicious! We then got to ride on the back of a tractor and saw people picking the grapes. We had a delicious tea-time snack on the back of the tractor and all got some grapes to take home.

Back in the classroom we drew and made rubbings of the leaves from the vineyard for our own vine. The children made grapes with play dough and painted egg boxes. We tasted dried raisons and compared them to grapes. The children suggested putting them in hot and cold water to see what would happen and enjoyed watching and tasting the results.



Enjoy your holidays !