Reggio Emilia Network

Reggio Emilia Network

Professional development opportunities

From 2016, l’écoline offers some professional development opportunities in Reggio Emilia and Switzerland (see document opposite).

Saturday the 29th of April, l’écoline organises the next morning dedicated to the Reggio Emilia approach Introduction for all. See doc. for detail and sign in by email)
22 & 23rd of May 2017, l’écoline provides a new opportunity to go to Reggio Emilia with a Study Group, in partnership with the Loris Malaguzzi International Center. This Study Group is open to everyone interested, the 23rd-24th of May 2017. Contact us or click here to know more (following page in French only).
Saturday the 25th of March 2017, l’écoline organised the 1st morning dedicated to the Reggio Emilia approach Introduction for 20 professionnals from the FACEME in Montreux.


In 2015, Elizabeth Biondo, teacher at l’écoline, participated in the 11th International Conference from North-American RE Alliance RE (NAREA) in Pittsburgh (USA).
This seminars are always followed by meetings to deepen our thoughts and understanding of the RE fundamentals (ie. documentation, role of the educator…).
In 2014, the whole staff of l’écoline had a Study Group Visit at the Reggio Children International Center.
In 2013, our Head Teacher, Clare Anzevui, participated to the « International Study Group » at RE. The same year, Carina Meier, our Dance-Atelierista, participated to a Dance & Movement RE Seminar.

Contact us for more information !

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