Update and Project development from Clare

Our Project

The children have been looking at how other artists have painted water. They noticed the reflections of the boats, landscape and sky, as well as the colours the artist used. We also observed and talked about the brushstrokes and shapes the different artists used: we noticed that Seurat used dots of colour and Cezanne dabs.

Inspired by the impressionists, we took the easel and paints to the lake so that we could paint directly from nature. I encouraged the children to look carefully and repeatedly for colours and shapes in the water.

‘Look! Can you see how the water is moving?’

Z. adds some shells

B. is looking at the patterns made when the water moves. I suggest using the other end of the paintbrush to scratch lines in the paint. 

M. and N. discuss the colours they can see and mix colours accordingly.

The children are very proud of their work and I look forward to the taking the second group.

The joy of painting in the studio!

The delight  at mixing a new colour and explaining to your friend how you did it!

Working in the studio 

 Working with the overhead projector and constructing in the Piazza

In the Classroom 

We are delighted to welcome Laurence!

The Outdoor Classroom

Brushing up together

As we complete the first half term we can reflect on the joy and wonderful work and experiences shared. We also notice how well the children have learned routines and how they enjoy responsibility and helping to care for their resources and environment. 

Sharpening pencils together


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