Preschool Update

A big thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us for our Parents Evening. We so appreciate your presence, and look forward to our future collaborations!  For those who were unable to attend, you are always welcome to come and have a peek in the classroom, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Merci aussi pour vos conseils, votre opinion et vos idées comptent beaucoup pour nous. Il est si important de rendre l’apprentissage des enfants visible pour eux tout d’abord et pour que nous tous puissions être des chercheurs avec eux et échanger à ce sujet est tellement précieux. 
Here are some photos from the first weeks after we’ve returned from Fall Break…

 H is handing out the children’s photos that they use to sign in.  Each day a different child is responsible for calling the others to sign in and begin our morning meeting
E and M share a sweet moment during Meeting Time.

Lots of discussion and experimentation over the paint!

Happy Birthday!

Many of the children have been building Fairy Houses

Les enfants se racontent un monde imaginaire tout en créant avec leurs mains

Inspired by our Bruno Munari books, the children have been working on their own “surprise books” 

Our plant holder has transformed into a musical wall

We received some large boxes, and explored them in the construction area

Les “fairy jars”

Collaborating to build a witch’s house
Les enfants discutent, confrontent leurs idées, essaient de gérer les conflits et d’intégrer leurs idées respectives

Working on an elaborate road and tunnel system

We read with Anne Marie our books inspired by Bruno Munari

More ateliers with Anne Marie

Collages de différents matériels: doux, rugueux, poilu, …quel effet cela provoque au toucher?

 Exploring our new cozy corner 

La cabane a été construite sur la base des idées des enfants
“on veut une cabane plus grande, où on peut rentrer avec une lampe de poche et faire des ombres”


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