Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Studio with Clare

The Christmas season is a lovely time to focus on sharing, giving and being grateful. It’s also an opportunity to do creative activities that develop fine motor skills and an understanding of the traditions of this time of .year. We have been working together to make our tree, create decorations and wrap gifts. All to the sounds of Christmas music and the delicious smells from our baking we have been making magic!

Feeling proud and being proud of a friend

The decorations on a tree

Painting from drawing

Sharing Books and Working Together

Noticing the changes in water

Making a garden

Making friends on the pirate ship

A Project Builds

We have visited the construction site next to l’ecoline, and we can follow the progress of the work from our window. We also like to make our own designs and buildings and after Christmas will visit an exhibition on architecture.

From January we are also delighted to welcome Ann Marie, an artist/atelierista, to work with us on Friday mornings.


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