Building on our trip to the museum by Clare

Following our trip to the museum, I introduced the children to the paintings of buildings by the artist Hudertwasser.

After enjoying the paintings together we used pastels and water to create our Hundertwasser inspired buildings.



The children have also been  working together to plan buildings using the large wooden blocks and recycled materials.

 The artist has influenced the children’s paintings.

They drew their dream houses and had fun explaining them to each other.

 We’ve been looking at and drawing some extraordinary buildings.
Sometimes they became plans for a building, in this case a Hotel.


 We’ve continued to keep a close eye on the building works next to our building.
We noticed that sometimes nature creates its own buildings! Like this magical ‘Ice castle’
 And we also noticed the first signs of new growth!
 We welcomed David this week, and he is settling in well.
We look forward to building on these foundations.


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