Houses, in Preschool

“Ideas fly, 
bounce around, 
rise up, 
fall apart,
and spread 
one of them
takes a decisive hold
flies higher 
the entire group.” 
-Loris Malaguzzi

The weeks following our Christmas break have been rich and varied in the small explorations that have floated about the classroom: reconnecting with each other and the classroom space, winter, and crystals. 

Recently, many of the children have been showing interest in houses.  

Here, M and D collaborate to build a house that has a room, or space for each child in our class.

Drawing their construction

After noticing their building casts a shadow on the wall, we invite them to add another perspective to their construction, and they observe and draw the shadows casted by their building.

A is very interested in the soundness of his structure.

J and N come to look at and play with A’s structure.  A explains to them why each block is necessary – so that the building doesn’t fall down.

Continued explorations in the construction area…

The children are invited to draw their houses.

 Exploring building houses with recycled materials

As the children in School are also exploring the theme of houses with Clare, a small group visited downstairs to check out their work. We visited Clare’s studio, learned about the artist and artist Hundertwasser, and made some observations and drawings based on his work. 


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