Studio Update by Clare

 We have continued to create extraordinary buildings inspired by the work of Hundertwasser. The children drew in black before using coloured inks. I talked to them about background pattern and suggested the option of cutting out and adding elements.

‘This house looks like a face.’

Pre school visited us in the studio
Working in 3D with blocks, clay and recycled materials.


A Gaudi atelier with Marion


Friday ateliers with Anne Marie

 Anne Marie is working with the school children on Fridays this term. In her first atelier they created a collaborative large mural. They worked in small groups as they got to know her, and her them.

The second ateliers were introduced with the story ‘Carnival of the Animals’
The children drew their animals while learning the technique of using charcoal. 

In the most recent ateliers children have been introduced to Matisse, and particularly his cut-out works. They have been creating their own colours in preparation for their cut out shapes.


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