Studio update from Clare

We have been starting our mornings with a moment of stillness. Once in groups we light a candle and watch the flame for a moment before our morning meeting. Here the children are drawing and talking about their dream school. This followed an activity in the morning meeting designed to encourage them to realise that how they behave with each other gives them the power to have the school they want. The drawings are on the wall in the ‘bubble’, where we meet each morning, as a reminder of our discussion.

We have been enjoying the spring weather by working outside at the lake having looked at examples of Land Art.

‘Look at all the dinosaur bones! Some of them are floating. If they get to dinosaur land over there they’ll turn back into a dinosaur!’

 Moments from the walk home.
Imaginative play and building work continue.


 Matisse with Anne Marie

The children use the brightly coloured sheets they painted, and draw with scissors!

Anne Marie introduced the children to Matisse’s still life with goldfish and bought in her own goldfish for them to paint and enjoy!

Some children incorporated the cutting technique from the previous week.

What a wonderful feeling to be pleased with our work

Extending the activity to make their own 3D aquariums.


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