Niki de Saint Phalle project – school 1 and 2

(1st part May – Update 17th of June 2017)

Following on from our land art project, Anne Marie and I met to discuss next steps. 

Presenting the ‘Jardin des Tarots’ and the artist Niki de Saint Phalle to the children.

The children create their own designs for a sculpture.

We go on a virtual tour of the Italian garden.

We then move to 3 dimensional design.

N. and N. are sitting next to each other and decide to put their designs together.
Painting their models.

The children interact with the documentation.
Using recycled materials to begin our large scale collective sculpture.
Yes! We have windows!

It’s taking shape. We have towers, gates and doors as well as somewhere for secret treasure.

The children work together well to create a collaborative design.

The next day they begin to enjoy their creation.

There’s more to be done!
Creating additional features and beginning to strengthen the structure using paper mache.

Next we will paint it and add the extra features. 
I will update the blog with the next stages and finished model, and you’re also welcome to come and have a look. 

So, here we are painting it white!

Using plaster of paris was fun and allowed us create great forms.

Now for some colour! 

Drawing with ink gave another layer.

Making a flag for the castle and practicing mosaic technique.

We are getting close to completion. There is talk of a slide for teddies to be added!

We made the shape of the slide in wire and then used plaster of paris to build the form. We tore up pieces of painted paper to create a mosaic effect.

The final touches and a coat of varnish complete the structure.


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