Update from Clare

I`ve missed you all this week! A nasty flu became bronchitis. I hope you`re all well and have a wonderful weekend. An update from weeks 2 and 3.

“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will” Charles Baudelaire

Imaginative play 

 The overhead projector has been adding atmosphere to the children’s Imaginative play in the castle.

They continue to make things for the castle in the studio, and they have been adding elements of furniture.

Magic mirrors, which have the power to change you into something else, are made with gold paper and are treasured.

Finding a friend who speaks your language

Gymnastics in the piazza

A. shared with us that she had been to a gymnastic competition, so we turned the piazza into a gym to help her explain what she had seen.

Painting in the studio

A glimpse of some of our early evening ateliers

English Club with Elizabeth

Yoga with Marie Elodie

Zumba with Natasha


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