Preschool Update, by Elizabeth

Hello! Here are some photos from our work in (and out) of the classroom over the past couple of weeks.
Many of the children have been displaying interest in the letters of their names.  We’ve been exploring the feel and sounds of the letters, using clay and other loose parts.

The children have been making puppets of themselves and their families…

…And exploring our ideas of what the Moms and Dads do while we’re at L’ecoline…

Working on our house with Anne Marie

Some photos from our time outside…
Using props during an outdoor dance atelier with Marie Elodie


“Regarde! J’ai trouvé un lézard¨”

Working on some surprises for the Moms and Dads when they come for the 
Preschool Parents Evening.

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday evening at 7 P.M! Have a lovely weekend.


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