A Peek at Preschool, by Elizabeth

The past weeks have been full of many meaningful moments, both big and small. As well as lots of learning, laughter and friendship.

Our “When I was a baby” panel has many new additions!

We continue to share messages from our “Boîte aux mots doux”

C. shared some photos – and mint – from her garden!

Happy Birthday!
A table filled with recycled materials turns into a workshop to create police cars and fire trucks (and boats)

We continue to explore letters using clay.  We are also experimenting with different ways to make marks in the clay. 

A small group visited Laurence’s classroom  to learn about their space project

The children explained that they have been learning about space, and will give us a guided tour.

But first, we need tickets

We’ve finished painting our house with Anne Marie

L and M using the house for building and imaginative play

Have a lovely weekend, and fall break!


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  1. Merci de prendre le temps pour ça, c'est un plaisir d'avoir une vue sur les activités de nos enfants 🙂