A Preschool Update, by Elizabeth

The Preschool Classroom is constantly changing.  It is a dynamic space that is a reflection of the ideas and learning that is going on.  We often reflect on how the space is being used, and what could be added or removed to enhance the childrens’ learning experiences.
We see the classroom as a space that ignites and inspires wonder, magic, curiosity.  A space that is comfortable, but also that challenges.  It is also a reflection of the children – their ideas, their interests, and each child in the group plays an active and important role in shaping the space.  
There have been a few changes in the classroom this week, and  here’s what’s been happening …
The office area continues to be quite busy.  Often children choose to call home; to check in on parents or siblings. 

Here, the office phones become part of an impromptu candy shop that has opened up in the classroom.


We’ve added an additional overhead projector to our light area.

We have a new cozy chair in our reading nook.

Many of the children have begun showing interest in small world play.  We have been inviting the children to create their own imaginary small worlds, and characters that will visit these worlds.

We’ve been exploring the changes in nature when we go outside.

Making a birthday cake for Angeline

Happy birthday!

Exploring ink with Anne-Marie

Our house is moving!  We observed that the children were creating more links between their dress-up/role play with their imaginary play in the house, and proposed to the children to move the house so that the two areas could be closer in the classroom. 


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