Letting the Light in

Using puppets on the overhead projector when we spent the afternoon with the pre-school group.

Dancing to music, and we become the puppets!

Making garlands and lanterns for our Festival of Light Celebration as outside seems darker.
And celebrating a birthday!
Developing the Light Studio
The children had so enjoyed making the garland, that we had a Paper Atelier
making different garlands, snowflakes and books.

Its fun to add the element of light.

A different group of children, and the chance to share our new skills.

An all white paper world develops in front of the light projector. It makes us think of winter. Maybe it will snow?

We can add and change colours on the projector.

All kinds of butterflies meet!

Anne-Marie does a Light-Atelier where children make puppets from recycled materials before making stories. Some children then paint a sculpted story.

We introduce origami skills and different quality papers. The children develop skills and invent their own creations.

We notice the light and the changes in our outdoor environment.

We visited the Albertine and Germano Zullo exhibition at Alexis Forel museum in Morges. We enjoyed the paintings and sculptural works and recognised characters from books we knew. There was a film and an atelier too!

In the permanent exhibition we saw another `White World` that reminded us of the one we had created. 


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