News from Preschool!

The past few weeks of Preschool, have been full of many lovely moments.  We have welcomed new friends, celebrated birthdays, and explored the changing seasons. 

Finishing our books with Anne Marie

Nous avons un nouveau livre dans la classe…le livre de la gentillesse!

Chaque matin nous rajoutons quelques mots, dessins, ou photos qui décrivent nos actes de gentillesse

Les enfants prennent soin de notre livre en le décorant joliment

Some moments of kindness this week:

When L arrived at the clay table, and all of the spots were already filled, M shared some clay with her:

And then went to another area of the classroom to get her a chair:

“Ne pleure pas.  On va ensemble.”

Dans la classe nous avons un petit coin dédié au yoga

. Aïba explique à un petit groupe les règles du “jeu de l’oie du yoga”

Happy birthday!

Bienvenue à l’Ecoline!

Our light and painting atelier

Baking some yummy Christmas cookies!

Have a lovely weekend! Bon week-end!


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