Festive Focus with Clare

I introduced polar bears, seals and mythological animals, and challenged the children to make homes for them out of paper. My intention was to extend the possibility of interactive play with and within the white paper sculpture. 

Birthday Girl

A. decides to give the space castle walls

Experimenting with different ingredients to make fake snow.

T. makes a lift and creates a pulley system 

Making a first Christmas scene

The children have shown great focus and developed fine motor and creative skills  
as they make, decorate and wrap in the studio. 

Making invitations for the Winter Party

Collaboration and friendship

Happy 6th Birthday

Making bread for tomorrow morning’s snack

Musical statues

Afternoon atelier with Cindy

Painting to instrumental music

Max’s mummy talks to us about expecting a baby

A great audience for the dance and gymnastic display

Adding extra layers and depth creates interesting results with the projector

An original idea that inspired others
B. and D. want to write the names of all their friends.

Ruth makes her family

Working together to add eyes is detailed work

Decorating the boat which becomes a new element in imaginative play

We have been enjoying a wonderful atmosphere, and look forward to sharing it with you at the party on Wednesday.


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