Preschool's Outing and Update

This week included a visit to J’s house to look at his aquarium, an underwater-inspired light and painting atelier, and some sweet moments of kindness and friendship.

On Monday, we visited J’s house to look at his aquarium.

After a short bus ride…

And a little walk…

And we arrived at J’s house.. and his aquarium!

We played a game of “spot the fish” to identify what we saw.

We ate some special fish bread for a snack… yum!
A big thank you to J and his family!
Some of this week’s other highlights include,
A light and painting atelier inspired by our visit to J’s aquarium.  
Happy birthday, Aïba!
Happy birthday, M!
Working on some winter and forest dioramas inspired by the “Christmas trees” that we see in the forest next to our school.

Some acts of kindness that we observed:

Holding the door for our friends
Reassuringly holding a friend’s hand

And some contagious laughter…

… which leads to a lovely moment sharing a book and some songs.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


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