Preschool Update, by Elizabeth

Here are some pictures from Preschool this week.  The children have been eager to rejoin old friends and welcome some new friends that have joined us this week!

Collaborating to build a road for G’s motorcycle

 We have read and revisited the book, “la couleur des émotions” this week, using it as a starting point for discussing and exploring our emotions. 

“La princesse, le prince, et le château!”

M has been working on an elaborate road system, as well as many different modes of transportation including a car, boat, a firefighter truck, and a spaceship.
“Toi, t’étais quel bébé?”

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We celebrated many birthdays this week!

Exploring the relationship between music and movement with Marie-Elodie

Embarking on a new exploration with Anne Marie: “Trees”


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