Preschool Update

Continuing with our Emotions project, we made a “happy potion”. We reflected on how we feel when we are happy, and what makes us happy.  Each child then took a turn adding their happiness to the jar. 

Our happy potion included:
La piscine

Un secret

The sun
K’s happy monster!

Explaining to E how to make one

 We imagined each monster’s house… what makes them have each feeling.

Lots of castle building!

We invited the children to explore other ways of building castles.  Here, they are building with transparent blocks on the projector.
We then invited them to paint the inviting shapes and forms that had been projected on the wall:

Un château avec les chevaliers trés fort!
Once the painting was completed, we put it on the floor and invited the children to continue working with it… if they wished to paint or build, or imagine that they could play inside the castle!
J and K are building their houses 
This is K and K’s monkey’s house! They’re hiding from us because we’re so big and they’re so small!
J decides to add a nearby playground with swings and a slide
Lots of interest in name-writing, so we are continuing to work in our name and words notebooks.

We have been using the children’s images to explore the ideas of big and small.

Little G is hiding!

Exploring the ideas of symmetry 

L’s Mum came to bake with us!

Inventing and building machines outside

One day, while walking outside we saw lots of “stars” in the sky.
“Etoile.  Repète aprés moi, M. Etoile.”

 The children had lots of questions… why were there stars in the sky? And so many? During the day? Don’t we usually see stars at night?

Back in the classroom, we looked at all of the different ways we can make stars.

We then experimented with different techniques (drawing, painting, taping) of making our own day stars.


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