Self Portraits with Clare

Having introduced ourselves in the cloakroom, I showed the children some self portraits by other artists. We talked about their different styles and what we liked about them whilst developing the children’s critical vocabulary. I also set up a self-portrait station with mirrors and a variety of art materials. 

A. liked the Picasso portraits best.

N. chose to paint at the easel, and told me that:-
“C’est moi quand j’avais mal a l’oeil”

O. painted her portrait as she was when she dressed up for Carnival, she explained,
“Je te monte comment je m’étais maquillée pour carnaval”

M. and N were inspired by the way Van Gogh painted the background.

The next stage was fun! We worked in pairs to trace our friends features through cellophane and then view them on the overhead projector.

We looked so big! It encouraged children to talk, and laugh, about what should be different.

We then took, and printed, portraits of the children and prepared them with tracing paper on top and a choice of drawing materials.

The children are enjoying this exploration and the results. We intend to look at some more self-portraits by known artists, and then to try some different techniques and work with a variety of scale and materials. 


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