Birds part 2 with Anne Marie and Clare

As we begin to work in 3D, I wonder in what way, what the children know and understand about birds, will develop in the process of making, and to what extent a final product will reflect their knowledge and understanding?

Children scrunched up newspaper to make the form of their bird. They held it together with tape before using plaster to continue sculpting and make the form solid. This technique is very forgiving; its not possible to get the basic form ‘wrong.’ Birds come in many shapes and sizes as the children have been discovering.

Some children chose to cut out the form they had drawn on polystyrene.

Children chose to add the beak, eyes, wings, feathers, legs and any other features with wire, sticks, ink, plaster, paper, glue or whatever they decided. 

This is when they could give character to their unique form. 
They could show what they understood, as well as developing that understanding about these features, in the process. 
This was evident in their concentration and in the way they were able to try things; experiment and modify their work whilst focused. We witnessed our young artists thinking, doing and learning.

Some children painted their birds bright colours, and others left them white adding detail with things found in nature.
It was fascinating how unique each bird was.

The sculptural project inspired by …

…that Anne Marie is doing with pre-school  inspired us to suspend the birds from some branches. The children loved the examples of the artist’s installations in the book, and they added all kinds of materials to the branches to create our very own example in the studio. 

Some children chose for their bird to be placed elsewhere in the studio, and we are enjoying the arrival of R.’s flamingo above the light studio. Other children made nests for their birds. It was interesting how the placing of them really brought them to life in their imaginations.

Les oiseaux créés par les enfants ont migré sur des branches fantastiques avant de repartir vers d’autres horizons…
Références à Chagall, Gerda Steiner et Jorg Lenzlinger
Anne Marie


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