Self Portraits, part 2 by Clare

Having traced their photographs, the children then used oil pastels and diluted paint and worked on the photographs.

The results reminded me of Andy Warhol portraits, so I showed the children some examples.
This made me think of printing; so I gave the children perspex to put on top of their photograph. They painted on the perspex, and made prints. This gave the possibility to change colours and make several prints.

The portrait station continues to encourage some thoughtful work.

This new piece of equipment allowed us more joyful explorations.

E. has the good idea to take a print of his portrait of N., and M. captures a likeness of Mathilde.

The next technique we tried was to paint the perspex, put a sheet of paper on top and then the photograph. The children then traced their features and achieved some great results.

Some children have liked the idea of displaying their portraits in a style inspired by Andy Warhol.

Our latest technique was to use half of the  photograph, and to draw the missing half, which encouraged careful observation and created some effective results. 


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