Creating a Learning Environment by Clare

Our reflections before the children arrived focused on the kind of Environment we wanted to create with them. We asked ourselves what we could do to ensure that each child was welcomed; and felt seen, heard and valued in keeping with our Image of the child? We use name cards and circle games as ways of getting to know each other and giving each child equal time and space.
We give out numbers in the cloakroom so that children are paired with different friends each time they go outside.

We talked together of the kind of school the children  would like to have as a first step towards creating shared ways of being together. I asked the children to imagine peeping through the window of their dream school before suggesting that we create our dream school together at L’ecoline.

We give opportunities to share, collaborate and take responsibility.

E. brought in a book about crystals to share
This led to digging for treasure

We notice that the children are classifying precious finds so we are extending that in the classroom and planning to visit the museum next week.

We used the beautiful basket N. gave us last year to collect conkers together. We washed them at the lake and are putting them in a jar when we see acts of kindness.

Setting the table

Learning how to greet animals

Taking risks

These two are great friends

Welcoming Elizabeth and Zelie

Bringing in and preparing fruit to share

Cooking for parents

Supporting each other

Working together
We are thrilled with the Environment all of the children are building with us. An environment conducive to creativity and learning, and a wonderful place to be!

Our artist in residence, Anne Marie, is with us every Thursday, and will be beginning a whole-school project next week. She was also thinking about building relationships and creating a good learning environment when she suggested an open, collaborative atelier for the first two weeks. The artist inspiration was Helen Frankenthaler, and the theme ‘The land seen from above’ We are using the large canvasses as a backdrop for further creative explorations  in the classroom.


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