Meanwhile in the Kitchen …

The ‘cook’ in a moment of deep focus :
Using clay and discovering how to use new tools to sculpt our favorite foods  
Peas, Beans and biscuits …

Exploring textures, pressure, shapes  
Innovative ways to change the material 

“My gigantic pea!” (Eleanore) On top of her pie

Once the food was dry, we painted it and imagined new flavors
 related with the colors of the food !

Drawing food/vegetables and eating them “yam yam yam, I eat all of it!” (Polina)

The children used ‘magic markers’ (erasable) to draw the food on the plates
and as they erased the drawings from the plate, they were “eating” the food
Imagination it’s a strong tool. It all starts by an idea isn’t it?
The children are developing interest
for this colorful vegetables and healthy foods

“Fraises qui pique” (Manoa)

Potatoes and Carrots


“Blue” (Alphonse)

The children are ‘cooking’ and ‘baking’ different foods in their kitchen
They are experimental chefs with surprising deserts such as “Mushroom Cake” (Mathis).
They seem to be well aware of the most important ingredient for a great meal: Love
“Timeo Pizza, Mama Pizza, Mathis Pizza” 


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