Learning across the curriculum by Clare

At l’ecoline, we like to follow the passions of the children, families and team and to inspire each other. An initial inspiration can be developed to give learning opportunities across the curriculum in our Reggio-inspired setting. I want to use the following starting point as an example of how the educator creates these learning opportunities with the children. When Natacha told us about a friend of hers and an Arctic expedition, we just knew we should invite him and his friends to share their adventure. You can continue to follow their progress www.atka.fr 

We printed photographs of arctic scenes and animals for the classroom, suggested a boat by turning a wooden box upside down, and selected resources that would stimulate imaginative, collaborative play and learning on the theme.The large collaborative paintings on cloth inspired by arial views became part of their play along with polar bears, maps, spindles for steering and a variety of fabrics.

Some children were drawn to work on maps at the big table. We added tracing paper to develop fine motor and pre-writing skills and were impressed with the children’s concentration and focus.

Other children created a Travel Agency selling tickets for the boat. This imaginative play gave opportunity for learning in literacy, communication and language, and numeracy. 

Part of the role of the educator is to follow the children’s lead and develop the environment with further resources. We added maps, flags and the globe to extend their imagination and create learning opportunities in knowledge and understanding of the world. Some children have also began to make passports. 

There were also opportunities for learning in science. Making our own icebergs by putting ice cubes in water. We predicted if they would float or sink? The sea is salty so we compared the floating and melting in salty and natural water.

The Travel Agency sells tickets for countries hot and cold and far and wide. There are many different means of transport and you will see different things depending on where you go. Take a map and who knows what treasures you will find?


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