What color is the Water?

In our ‘Colours Laboratory’ we decided to explore colour and water.

 We started by a very simple experiment : we mixed different colours in the water and observed what happened …

“It’s Blue” (E.)

One question kept coming:
 “what colour is the water?”

     “It’s green” -the water in the Ocean- (J.)
           “It’s Blue, the water is blue” (M.)
               “The water is transparent” (A.)
                        “And yellow” (M.)

“Blue and Yellow it’s green” (M.)

what color is ‘under the water’ and what’s there?

“Fish” (L.)
“it’s black” (E.)

The children decided to make fish to put in the water and make  ‘mini oceans’ in the bottles

  We continued investigating ‘water’

Lake Hillier in Australia 
“It’s a soup” (M.)
“I fish” (L.)
“It’s (the color of) coffee with milk” (A.)
“I am going to take it…oh! oh! ” (M. as the water disappears in between her fingers)

finding ways to cross over the water
: building a “bridge” (M.)

Collecting samples and observing 

“hmm…Brown” (L.)

To further extend the children’s interest in water and things related with water different materials such as magazines and books were made available for them to investigate and ask questions…

 “Mummy whale and Baby whale” (C.)
 got their attention

Drawing the baby whale 


After observing the different shades /colors of the baby whale and the mummy whale , the children chose the colors and mixed them to represent their perception of the  whale and the ocean  

Immersed in the under water silence of the “Whale dance” (L.)

 The question ‘what color is the water’ is taking us through interesting discoveries and questions. At the moment we are both enchanted and excited about the humongous whale. We’ll see what new questions and investigations this interest will sprout.


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