Walking through the forest What can you see? I see a Bear looking at me!

The children have been bringing their experiences in the forest into the atelier, using different materials to give shape to their ideas , experiences and observations in the forest…

A “path in the forest” (M.)
“These are trees” (E.)

To support children’s imagination we played the game/song:                                                   
“Walking through the forest what can you see?” 
“This, this!” (L.)
L. chooses an image of a hedgehog and points . Then , while observing the image she makes a sculpture based on it.

“A reindeer” (E.)

“Snails” (M.)
“The mummy slug, the daddy slug, the brother and sisters. It’s a slug family”(G.)
The game continues: “Walking through the forest what can you see” ?
“A house” (C.)
“I am a panther, this is my house”, (P.)
 And a dynamic scenery of houses and caves and paths in the forest, develops…
The children role play as animals in different stories they create and improvise as they go along.
Night time in the forest…. shhhhhhh
We took our flash lights and went to search for the bear … (inspired by the story we read  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt)
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "we are going on a bear hunt"
We walk through the forest carefully….
“Tip, toe…tip,toe…” (T.)

“The water!!!” (A.)
 “Swim, splash, swim, splash” (L.)

“these are my googles” (E.)
To see at night in the forest

Through the snow storm!

We found the bear in his cave!
He was “very,very hungry” (A.)
so the children decided to take some fish from the river (that they made out of paper) and give them to the bear.

“Do you like this color?” (M. asks the bear)
“He said ‘YES’!!!!” (M. paints the bear’s cave)
Outdoors  the children continue to explore how to use their body and voice to express different emotions associated with  the different characters and stories… they also negotiate who is the ‘bear’ and find solutions for their dramatic plots.  

                        To be continued… (?)


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