School Update, by Elizabeth

Many of the children have been eagerly sharing stories of preparing for the holiday season, including setting up a Christmas tree.  With this in mind, one morning we propose to a group of children to visit the forest, looking for pine trees to observe and study.  We collect fallen branches to bring back to our classroom so we continue our  explorations. 

“C’est un sapin?”
“Non car ce n’est pas vert”

Back in the classroom, we place the pine tree branches in different areas of the classroom.  J and D us pine needles to make cookies out of clay.  

Others create branches out out of clay

Je fais un sapin de bonbons!

Un sapin de Noël

 E and M observe and draw their sculptures

Some branches are placed on the light table

J’ai grandi beaucoup!  Ooh, on voit tout!

Reading the “Surprise Book” they created with Anne Marie two years ago.  Some are surprised to find their work inside! 

The changing of seasons is always exciting.  Things end and begin… only to begin and end… and so the cycle continues.

 As the days lengthen and grow colder, there are new changes to observe when we go outside.  

One day, when we went outside, we noticed that many things were covered with a thin dusting of frost.  Ordinary objects were transformed into objects that sparkled in the sunlight.

Il y a de la glace!

On joue au Loup Glacé?

Observing before and after…

Viens vite! Il y a de la glace dans l’eau!

A sweet moment of friendship…


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