Rescue the Baby Polar Bear, by Ana

Coming back to school: the joy to play with our friends again, to share what we have done during the break, and the excitement to revisit our favorite games, materials and stories.

Amidst all this, one thing stood out: the children’s fascination for the first snow. 
‘I saw it on top of the car’, L. 
‘And it was very windy’, C. 
‘And cold’, M. 
‘White, it’s white’ M.
To investigate the theme a bit further we thought it was a good idea to go outside and look for snow…

The next day the children found a little polar bear stuck in the ice and they took it as a mission to save him… 
But how?  

‘We need tools” L.
‘We need hammers’ C. 


The children used hammers to break the ice 
‘Look, a big piece! ‘(of ice broken) E.
‘Yes, we are doing it!’ C.
‘Look! it’s the bear’ A.

As the children broke the ice with the hammers and used the flash lights to observe the baby bear so they didn’t hurt him with the hammers.
they tried then different tools: plastic knifes, scissors… paint brushes
‘No! it doesn’t work’ L.
The children showed their empathy for the little baby bear. They practiced their ability to cooperated and problem solving.the children tried different tools and techniques investigating if they were effective or not. 
‘I know! We can put it in the sun and the ice will melt , then the baby bear will be free!!!’ L. 
The group agreed to try this idea. So we put the baby bear outside in the sun. 

The children saved the baby bear! Mission accomplished. 
After the rescue mission the children were excited to share their story and how they managed to save him from the ice. 
They continued to ‘babysit’ the baby bear and to make sure he was alright. 


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