The Polar Bear and the the 'Big House with a village inside '

In the last couple of months …
“Yes, we did it!” , L. 
After saving the baby polar bear from the ice , the children continued to explore with ice using different tools to:
“break” it,
“smash” it,
“cut” it 
“paint” it …
 ” I am cutting the ice, hufff it’s really really hard”, G.

“and …uhhhhu , hahaha”, E. (slippery)
 A piece of ice slides away from her hands as she tries to grab it 
“Brrr, cold!!! haha”, L.
The Polar Bear , “He likes the cold”, J.
“We are making Snow”, L.C.
“It’s for the Polar Bear”, A.
“It’s white! Snow! Ice! A house, yes”, M.
As the snow was not a lot, the children started to scoop it to be able to make the Polar Bear’s house/ “Igloo”, C. 

“He needs a door!”, T. 
Back in the classroom:
building a house with clay
“We need to press, press , like this”, M. 
(to attach the clay)
This ‘house’ broke, but the children continued using different materials :
Making houses for the polar bear and the penguins…

“smash the ice …it makes a soft bed”, M. 

From the micro to the macro, when we became the animals…

   “My name is Bear”, A.

        “This is an Igloo…for me”, C.

The children used the furry mats
 to become polar bears 

and a cardboard “cabane” became the bear’s cave

The dark cave was ideal to
 play with the flash lights

We shared books, songs, ideas, and the world where “Everything is white” grew …
Image result for osito polar
Song (I’m a Little Tea Pot melody):
 “I’m a Polar Bear
White and furry
Black nose, Big claws
but don’t worry 
When it gets dark ,
I go to sleep
when the Spring comes
I eat, eat, eat
mnham, mnham, mnham!
We further investigated the Polar Bear’s world

“Big claws!”, M.

“Black Nose”, M.

and …

choosing materials to make fur


 we followed the Polar Bear’s paw prints


into the “Village” , G.
a village inside a “Big House”, L.

                (The  Big House)

                    (The Village)

“This is a lot of snow”, M. 
      “snow flake , snow flake, little snow flake…”
M., sings while spreading
 “snow” (flour) on her mountain top.

“Snow ball!!!”, T.

“This is a mountain, and this is a

mountain…” , E.
” and this is a mountain
and this is a mountain, and these
are a lot of mountains together”, C.

“This is the Polar Bear”, L.

The weather is getting warmer.
Perhaps influenced by this the children’s ‘arctic’
 landscape starts to change:
 from snow to water,
from white
to blue

“The ice melted!” , E.

“We are making the water blue,
the Polar Bear wants to swim”, C.

 “It’s very hard , but I can do it!
with this knife , see?”, L.


 “Yeah, and I can make the water here
, this sea shell”, E.

“This is the beach”, C.

The beach. This was were our adventures
 through the Polar Bear’s land  led us to.

 We came to the shore ,
 perhaps just to take a breath
and dive into deep blue waters again?

Perhaps to stay in solid land?



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