Let's build houses and other news

Many changes have happened since I last wrote.  We said goodbye to dear friends A and L, as they have both moved away.  Together, we explored where they would be moving.  
Learning about Denver with A

À Gran Canaria…
On parle anglais et espagnol
On peut voir et visiter la mer
Il y a toujours le soleil!

This lead to a greater exploration of maps, and what we can find in different countries.  Several children are even inspired to create their own imaginary countries.  These countries are such a secret that we need magical keys or passwords to enter.  And only children can enter, not adults!

One morning, K, L, and D begin building complex structures.  As they discuss amongst each other their buildings, we give them paper and markers to draw their structure.  This helps them to build a deeper understanding of what they have created, while also exploring the structures from different points of view.  

“Ma maison est très haute… elle a 1,000 étages!”
Laurence proposes to D to search for blocks that match the shapes in his drawing.

E has been observing and comes to join in the building

To build on the children’s interest, we provide more opportunities to explore houses using different materials and techniques

G’s new house has a trampoline in the living room, and it’s going to have a slide.  It’s in Chexbres.

D draws a castle with knights and a map to get there.  You have to pass many dangers.

C’s house has four bedrooms upstairs.  

E and M are building a house with a slide.

This is a rich opportunity to build on emergent literacy skills, and we practice reading and writing vocabulary related to houses. We learn to identify and write the names of the different rooms in English and French.  

L chooses to draw a dog house, and together we search how to write niche.
J is drawing her house and when she is finished, J and M help her to write the words that describe her house.
“Le G c’est comme le O mais tu vas pas jusqu’en haut et tu tournes” lui explique J

 We began building houses with more and more details. Here, we observed a number being written on a window.  The children explain that it is a cupboard to organize the slippers of children who are 4 or 5 years old.

We observed houses around the world in connection with a map

Happy birthday!


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