"Happy Birthday Butterfly. Fly, Fly , Butter Fly!"

As the children notice the changes in the weather and the new colors brought by the spring, the environment and the nature that surrounds us  becomes our best teacher.

The children’s interest for drawing led them to further investigate how to draw butterflies…

           “I want to draw a butterfly…this butterfly.Can you draw a butterfly for me?”
“… but, but, I don’t know how to do it…”, L.


“The blue butterfly is my favorite, I love this blue”,M.

“It’s a red butterfly…the wings and the head,
ahmm, two, two wings, here”,M.

“Drawing at its best is not what your eyes see but what our mind understands”.   Millar Sheets 

 We looked for butterflies outdoors, so we could observe their amazing wing patterns and designs…

 We’ve used books to follow instructions on how to draw a butterfly…

 We’ve looked at a variety of pictures and investigated 3D models to inspire our drawings…

 We’ve used observational alongside copying techniques to practice our fine motor skills…

“All the colors, blue and green, and black
 and then she will fly”, M.

                     “AHHHH, HAHA”, D.
              (expressing the joy of seeing
                  his paper butterfly flying)

“This butterfly  is grey here . She lost her colors
because she is an old butterfly”, L.
 (just like when people get old ,
their hair lose the color and  becomes grey)


“I made the wings and this is a flower
 (pink  and brown) for the butterfly”,L.
“The butterflies are flying, haha”,M.
(M. blows the little pieces of paper that
she purposefully cut as wings and glued
them only partially so they were detached
to produce movement when
we blow them)

 Outdoors, Angeline helped us to spread some jam on tree brunches to attract the butterflies

                 “I want to go to that place
                       (by the lake)and
                      do the butterflies!”, N.

On our way back to L’ecoline, she children were humming and giggling as they sung:

“Happy Birthday Butterfly,
Happy Birthday Butterfly,
Happy Birthday Butterflyyyy
Fly, fly, Butter, Fly!”

Back to the classroom the following days we looked at the birth of a butterfly. The children were mesmerized while watching a video of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon and spreading its wings…

(Butterfly’s Life Cycle)

To fuel Children’s curiosity scientific books about insects  were made available

 Simultaneously the children started to transform materials (3D constructions), using a variety of tools and colors to make “things” and landscapes for the butterflies… (under construction)

Butterfly “wings”, L.

“Big boat for the butterflies”, M.

“Mountain” (where butterflies live)

A big thanks to Cylia’s mum and dad who shared with us the amazing picture books of Routraut S. Berber.  Grouped by seasons: Spring, Winter, Summer, Autumn and one book about the Night. With no words only pictures, these books are very rich in details. The children enjoyed and continue enjoying to explore them.

The Night book… (we explored using flash
lights in the darkness of our
“Concert Bus” – known before as “the cabane”


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