“The New Preschool”

The children were proud and excited to show their parents the “New Preschool” (T.)
We have been observing how the children use the new space(s) and what they think about it/ what they like the most: 
“I like the animals” (E.) 
“I like the bricolage” (L.) 
“I like to play with Lou” (A.)
“The Train” (L.)
“The Hospital” (L.)
“I like every every every thing!!!” (M.)
“Me too, I like every every every everything” (L.)

 Here are some examples of how we are using and exploring the new preschool spaces…



Drawing and exploring color & shape
The light table 
The Kitchen (left side) & the office (on the right) 


“She broke her leg 
and she has monsters 
in her belly”, G. 

The Hospital 
The book corner

             (bellow) Our new atelier, where we start our morning. Where we have Circle Time, the art ateliers and where the children sleep/do siesta.

(in the morning before circle time)

Art atelier

“I take pictures, not you, I take”
(T. while he takes pictures of the children’s
work, inspired by watching me taking pictures of the children’s work in the atelier)

This situation reminded me of an oriental saying:
“Together, the teacher and the student create the teaching”


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