What’s Under the Soil?

The children showed an interest in digging,

so we provided them with different opportunities to develop that interest…
As they dug in different environments / soils

(mainly at the beach and in the forest) the children started to notice that different things were under the soil:
“It’s wet, I’ve found wet sand”,A.
“There are shells and baby shells”,M.
In the forest ,
I. digs a hole and as he looks at it notices:

“Roots!”, I.
G. discovered, (near a carrot field where 
the farmers where harvesting) a plant with the roots out:
“It’s beautiful” , G. 
she decided to keep it to look at it later.
In the little atelier 

 We observed what we could see in the soil…

“It’s really dark inside”, E. 
Clay was made available, so children
could express their thoughts and ideas
through it, if they felt the need to. 
“These are lines and little
holes in the ground”, L.

“This is a small soil, like this “M.
(M. shows how he uses the hammer
to flatten the clay into a very thin
“Yeah, I have this in my garden too!” , C. 

“It’s a flower, I made a flower” M.
M. uses a piece yarn
on the surface of the clay to create a design.

“The rest (M. whispers) I don’t want to tell you” 

“This is a worm trail(on the ground)
He went this way
and then this way”
, E.
L. takes some dry roots, 
observes them closely , then 
starts to copy the lines he sees,
on the clay, using a thin tool (toothpick)
“The roots grow, then we can eat it
when it’s red” (T. Explains)
“I will do the roots”, T. 

C. observes her marks on the clay
with the magnifying glass
” … then I am cutting it so the worms
can come out (of the soil). Yeah, the worms need air, so I’m cutting this” C. 

“Big, middle, small”, N. 
says while he organizes the shapes he
made with the dough
“…And holes, that are mine”,N.
“This … it’s inside and this and this,
they are all inside the ground”C.

Although we can’t see it C. carefully
hid inside her lump of clay several pieces
of yarn she had cut before. 


“I need a light to see inside the holes,
it’s really really dark”, M. 

 Outdoors, the children are taking 
time to look under their feet…


Under the leaves the children found a little animal 

“Look, he’s not sleeping, he’s moving”, N.

But (for the children’s surprise) he turned into a ball…

“Oh!!!”, N.


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