Welcome to School!

Welcome to the School group!  Here is a glimpse of how we have spent our first week together.

This week, we have been settling into a new school year; reconnecting with old friends, and making new connections with new friends. We have been taking time to learn about each other,  settle into the space, and manipulate the different  materials in the classroom.  We have been taking things slowly, ensuring that the children feel comfortable, safe, secure, and happy, so that they are ready and eager to learn more about themselves and the world around them.  

Here are some photos from our first week together:

What does a typical morning look like?

We begin each day with a Welcome Time, where we greet each other, sing songs, share stories, and set the framework for our morning’s activities.  It is an essential part of the day, both in terms of social connections, as well as giving meaning to the children’s work.

We have two groups for Welcome Time: School 1 (with Elizabeth), and School 2 (with Laurence).  This is to have a smaller, cozier beginning to the day. 

After Welcome Time, we work in the different areas of the classroom: 

School 2, has been preparing their precious notebooks,  which will be used throughout the school year to collect their most special work. 

With School 1, we have been gradually introducing new materials in the studio, to build comfort and confidence when using them, so that they can be used as a “language” in the classroom… a way of expressing how they perceive the world around them.

Some other photos from around the classroom:

We share a snack, collectively with School 1 and 2.  
We then go outside.  School 1 and School 2 have a buddy to go outside.  This helps School 1 learn new routines and School 2 to reinforce the rules and routines that had been established last year.

This week, our outings have initially been about establishing routines, however we have also had some lovely moments exploring the forest:

What sounds can we hear if we listen carefully?

Looking for nature treasures…

I’m cleaning the forest!
On va trouver un trésor! On va creuser, creuser, creuser, et après on va trouver de l’argent!

Many of the children were intrigued by paths in the forest… where do they lead? What animals live in our forest?  We followed up on these questions in the classroom, brainstorming and imagining what we could expect to find.

Let’s make acorn soup
Happy birthday!


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