“Snowiiiiiing!!!!!”, C. 
as she grabs some snow (flour)
and wants everybody to see it fall.
“This is a rainbow… this is red, yellow,green [stops, seems to be trying to remember more colors]. Then it repeats again!”, N.
“This is a circle”, L. explains

“…And I am cleaning the snow”, A. 
A. built a special tool attached to his truck
and explains “with this”… 
G. also attached a tool to his 
truck to be able to drag the snow
“We clean the snow because the cars slide.
He (The driver) is getting ready to clean “,L.

(Baby bear enjoys sledging on the snow)
“Oh ! The reindeer broke a leg…”, C.
“We take him, peee, peee, peee”, A.

 [to be continued…]


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