"The snow melted…"

“The snow melted …because of the sun”, A. 

We looked back at what we had done and decided to go to the lake beach. The children had some ideas in mind…
“We need to fill it to the top!”, L. once at the beach they decided to bring soil back to school
“To make a volcano”,M. and “a castle”, L.
The next day M. and A. brought a book with a volcano that they shared. This inspired other child…
We used the soil we had brought from the beach and we started our “Volcanoooo”, L.
“It’s very very strong(the volcano), nothing can break it.”
For this reason the children used “stones in the inside”, A. and soil for the outside of the volcano.

“The fire comes from here”, M.


“This way!haha”, S.
“Yes, it goes very high!!”, D.
“Higher!Higher!”, A.

As the materials to make the volcano finished , we  kept going back to the beach to collect more stones and soil. 
…and the constructions continued


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