The "Dinosaur Soup"


We discovered “The Big Puddle” in the Forest 

“I am making a soup”, S. 
“This soup is for the dinosaurs”, L. 
“Mine is for the pig, he likes the mud”, E. 
The children used Funnels, bowls and different kinds of scoops to collect ‘ingredients’ for their soups 
V. chose a streamer and tried to collect water with it, he notices:
“This one doesn’t get water, look” 
(showing how the water disappears) 
J. shows V. how his yellow scoop collects water. 
They compare experiences 

C. collects water from the puddle with his jug and pours it in the funnel.
“haaa”, C. says, happy to observe the water flows in a certain way
but… it’s lost… 
C. gets a bowl and experiments with positioning the funnel in a way that the water he pours in it flows into the “soup” bowl 
Another problem to solve :
“Oh, not going!, It’s not going!”, L. 
“Why?”, S.
(clogged funnel)
“Maybe with this”, S.
(gets water and pours it in the clogged funnel)

L. Observes the results
 (it didn’t solve the problem)
then he gets another tool , a toothbrush…
Indoors, we looked at the dinosaur book to check for different “soups” they like
“The red soup” , A.
“Yes we want to make the red soup”, L.
“Maybe it’s tomatoes”, S. 

we discovered together 
                       E. drew the Dinosaur Soup 
                 …  could this be an illustration for a                              future dinosaur recipe book? 


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