Snow Flake, Snow Flake…

In the Morning Circle the children shared with enthusiasm their experiences in the snow. Some of them had been in the mountains,  some fascinated by images of white lands and polar bears, others talked about ice in their gardens and on top of the cars…  
We prepared a tray with snow (flour) and let the children further explore their stories and their snow discoveries
children used their hands to 
make “polar bear is dancing” and “snake” marks in the snow (L.) 

Different tools were used to form shapes (e.g. circles) with the snow

to write messages 
 in the snow 
and to make it snow!!! 
“Snow flake , Snow flake , falling from the sky” C. 
It’s the absolute sound track of our snow land experiences on the black tray 
with variations composed by the children to suit their stories : 
“Snow flake , snow flake , falling , falling, falling, falling on my tail … S. 
(Sings the Orc)

…falling, falling , falling, falling in my mouth , hahaha!! she eats the snow”, S. 

“It’s a lift for the penguins to go up”, L. Explains
“The penguins have a water house”
“It only goes up, to go down there are stairs”
E. draws stairs with a black marker , so that the penguins can go down. 

Another interesting device to transform the snow, consisting of a folded cardboard rectangle:
“When you do this (F. opens  the top cardboard  flap)  the snow goes very flat. And when you do this (Flaps it again twice ) the snow goes fshhshhh, like smoke”, F. 

A- “I have a machine”
E- “What does your machine do?” 
A- “My machine takes the snow away”
How to make a snow “mountain” in three steps by L. 

C. -“I made a volcano with the snow!”
L.- “Oh! it’s possible, it’s possible! Imagine that…Pshhhhhhh! Snow would come from the inside. Exploding!”

A.-“Hey , what is this yellow thing in the snow?”

(L. is the leopard stuck in the snow)

(A. helps the leopard)
L.-“Oh! Thank you my friend”
The adventures of little Polar Bear Plume inspired the children …
“towers”, C. , “Snow”, J.,  Ice floes, Ice fields and icebergs “in the night”, E. 

 one nice day…
Excited , the children enjoyed to watch the snow through our big window and registered some of  their observations

“There’s lots of wind too”, K.

One of the next days after snowing … 
“Look!”, A.

Dig, dig , dig … 
“A treasure inside” C., a
“Castle”, L., a “bridge”, L., a “Snowman”, V.

We had an idea! We should visit  our “Big Puddle” in the forest. The one next to the “Listening Bench”. We were curious 
and… Uau! 

 Walking on ice. 
“Very, very strong ice”, F. 


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