The trees in us : “The Walking Tree”, “The Trampoline Tree”, “The Rainbow Tree”…

In the forest…

V. found a “walking tree” in the forest. “These are the batteries” V. explains as he places the batteries in the correct place near the tree trunk so “she can walk”. 

 Connection , “it’s important to touch it with this “(the long stick) , V. 

V. Explains to the other children pointing to specific branches : “here are the arms”, “…and she has feet too” 

A flock of birds gathers…

 “I have an idea!” L.

“We are birds”, E.  playing in circles with the trees …

The children discovered the “Trampoline Tree”, A.
The tree’s body and the child’s body bounce, balance, wave together,  then they rest leaning against each other 
The children brought bark ,branches and pieces of tree trunks from the forest … 



“This tree walks too”, L. 

At L’ecoline, our tree needed some new Spring clothes. With Anne-Marie’s help we trimmed and fixed the broken branches,
made new leaves  

animals who now live in our tree: a “Green bird”, L. , and a “Squirrel”, L. 

  Beautiful flowers …

We looked at different trees in the world and the Rainbow tree (from the Philippines) 
was the one that inspired us the most 
“Pink, yellow, blue”, A.
We looked at the rainbow tree colours to find them in our paints and even found other new colours: 
“what color is this?”, C.
“Ah! it’s Silver, it’s called silver!”

        We found out that one of “our” trees  (one of the trees we know well, as we imagined many stories and played with this tree many many times) was cut. 

The children observed… 
They noticed the inside of the tree trunk. We counted together the growth rings 
O. and L. found out that  “baby trees” were already growing from the old tree trunk. 
They started to plant the “mummy tree seeds” they found near the tree.  
It seems like a beautiful way they found to keep their tree alive, at least (if not otherwise)  inside themselves.  

(A Book we are reading, by Corinna Luyken) 


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