About carrots


In March and …

The fascination is revisited 

as the children observe the field…
it’s harvest time !!!

in the tractor…

We brought some carrots inside 
Some of them had funny shapes 
“Mr. Carrot and Mrs. Carrot”, L. 

and later, as we took time to observe the other carrots we found… “the brother and the baby carrot”, L.
The Carrot family
Different aspects of the carrots as seen by the different children 

measuring and feeling the shape/dimensions 

“The longest carrot”, F. 

“Two carrots”, V. 

    It started with a carrot but the carrot became longer and longer and  turned into the  “Carrot Bridge”

“A Bonhomme with a carrot machine”, L.

“Many , many Carrots”, C. 

“The ground where the carrots are “, E. 

We kept some of the carrots for our new friends at the farm… 


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