L’écoline is in Bilan Magazine

The ecoline is a school like no other. A pioneer in various fields for the past eight years, it now welcomes fifty children between the ages of 2 and 6 in its establishment in Saint-Sulpice (VD). Bilingual in French and English, she is inspired in particular by the Reggio Emilia approach, also known as “the hundred languages of the child”, which is derived from Montessori. “It is a pedagogical method that is growing rapidly in the world. We practice it with children and also teach it to childcare professionals,” explains Marion Julia (left), director and founder of the ecoline.
In addition, there is a coworking space in the school, a concept launched by Jelissa Risse and extended to events. “We have recently started offering childcare facilities during conferences at EPFL, so that children have a place wherever their parents go,” says the entrepreneur. Always innovative, the ecoline has just been certified with the B-Corp label, an instrument that measures the social and environmental impact of companies. Around the world, 3,000 companies have already joined this community commitment that aims to raise public awareness. the public.


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