Our Pedagogical Approach

Each child is unique and is active in his own development. Children like to learn, are naturally enquiring and they want to communicate and create relationships with others

Loris Malaguzzi

L’écoline is the first Swiss school inspired by Reggio Emilia. We take the core principles from
Reggio and continually reassess what they mean to our learning community at l’ecoline.
A school based on the values of peace, joy and cooperation… A school where children are free to
express their own unique potential, to acquire and develop their creativity, their confidence and
self-awareness, and the pleasure of learning. A bilingual school which helps children to become
aware of the world around them and which encourages them to be actively-involved and
responsible citizens.

Vision of the child

Our vision of the child is as unique and full of potential. We believe that children are capable of
making their own hypotheses and co-constructing knowledge with their peers and creative,
reflective educators in ways unique to them. We see them as citizens with rights and we find
magic in their poetic way of expressing themselves.


Role of the educator

We see our role as educators to build relationships of trust with children and families and to
listen to and support each child in their unique learning journey. We give time for them to work
at their rhythm and we become researchers with them; documenting our work in reflection with
them and our colleagues. We believe that learning is great fun when we are following our own
hypotheses with our friends and working at our full potential, secure enough to make mistakes.


We create a stimulating environment in our light, spacious interior and work daily at the beach
and in the forest. Together with atelierista across the arts and sciences, our team works with
children, families and the community to create an authentic culture of learning that inspires us
all. Quality, beauty, care and joy are valued and apparent in our relationships and in our work

100 languages

At l’écoline, we believe that each child has multiple interests, multiple intelligences and multiple languages that only require to develop, to enrich themselves thanks to a benevolent environment rich enough to give birth to an infinite number of projects.
These projects can be one-off or can continue for several months as long as they nurture children with discoveries and learning. These projects are multidisciplinary and thus cover all areas of learning.

We are mainly inspired by the Reggio Emilia (Italy) approach.

We consider that children do not become citizens, they are born citizens.
They are an integral part of the community and society. A child’s joy, ability to play and wonder are highly valued and recognized as a common good.

Our role is to provide the child with resources and a quality environment, to listen, observe, document the learning process and learn with them every day.

We consider children to be naturally competent, resourceful, true actors of their learning, and having rights. Able to think and make sense of their relationship to the world around them, children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. We encourage their independence, responsibility and cooperation in the projects and activities we carry out with them.

We accompany children in their search for meaning and in their personal way of learning and understanding the world.
We value their creative thinking and encourage them to formulate hypotheses and make connections to interpret their environment. We bring them an attentive listening, without preconceived ideas.

l’écoline is a place of research and curiosity. It is a universe full of life where time is given and where relationships of trust are forged.

Each child is unique and is active in his own development. Children like to learn, are naturally enquiring and they want to communicate and create relationships with others

Loris Malaguzzi