L’écoline is the 1st Reggio Emilia inspired school in Switzerland – from 18 months old

L’écoline is where the joy and magic of learning is highly valued. And where each individual has the time and the possibility to find her/his place in the world and contribute to a better future.


Based on the core principles from Reggio we continually reassess what they mean to our learning community.
L’écoline is a school based on the values of peace, joy and cooperation. A school where children are free to express their own unique potential, to acquire and develop their creativity, their confidence and self-awareness, and the pleasure of learning.
A bilingual school which helps children to become aware of the world around them and which encourages them to be actively-involved and responsible citizens.


At l’écoline, we believe that children need daily contact with nature, so they go outside every day to the forest or to the lake.
Our Nature Atelierista offers ‘ateliers’ in the forest or at the beach, in order to increase their exploration of and connection with the natural environment. Children learn about the different seasons, they ask lots of questions about the treasures they find, they come up with theories, are eager to protect nature, build huts, develop their motor skills through climbing trees and their cooperation by playing together. Sometimes they meet the forest warden and other people who look after the forest.


Children work with artists and creative educators to develop and express their own creative sensibility. They have a dance/movement atelier one afternoon per week. Children also work with our visual artist on 6-weeks projects, one morning a week. Several of our educators have an artistic background.

100 languages

Art and Nature are some of the many languages we “speak” and offer to children. Inspired by Reggio Emilia approach, our daily life at l’écoline is filled with many opportunities to explore the world with plenty other languages such as science, building, narration, theater, engineering, etc. 

The Campus

L’écoline hosts the Preschool and School sections + the coworking space in its main building close to the forest, the river and the lake shores. From 2021, l’écoline welcome children in its Parascolaire section in the Pavillon close to the College des Pâquis (St-Sulpice).

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

We consider children to be naturally competent, resourceful, true actors of their learning and having rights. Able to think and make sense of their relationship to the world around them, children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. We encourage their independence, responsibility and cooperation in the projects and activities we carry out with them.

We accompany children in their search for meaning and in their personal way of learning and understanding the world.

We value their creative thinking and encourage them to formulate hypotheses and make connections to interpret their environment. We bring them an attentive listening, without preconceived ideas.

Want to know more?

We would be delighted to welcome you onsite for more information and a tour of our school.