Professional Services


Since 2016, l’écoline has been providing different training options, visits and conferences with the aim of promoting the Reggio Emilia approach in Switzerland and in French-speaking countries.​

L’écoline offers Discovery sessions on the Reggio Emilia approach every year in Spring : Conference + Guided tour of the areas and the current projects and documentation + Questions & Answers session with Marion Julia, Founder and Director of l’écoline and with Elizabeth Biondo, Co-director, Pedagogista and Teacher at l’écoline. Main language is French but we can answer to specific questions in English and/or organize special sessions for English-speaking groups.


No one in Reggio wants to teach others how to “do school”. (…) What we want to do is look together for the values we might have in common, in order to build a better tomorrow

L’écoline is organising its 8th Study trip to Reggio Emilia, on October 10 & 11, 2024.

Conferences + Workshop + Tour of a school (if possible) + Questions & Answers sessions at the Reggio Children International Centre.

2 days of professional development for teachers and educators (in Italian and French).

Price: 725.CHF-/person (accommodation and transportation no included. 30 participants maximum.



  • Fall 2023: 7th Study Group in Reggio Emilia
  • Saturday April 1st 2023 : Discovery Reggio Emilia Session for 30 teaching professionals
  • Fall 2022: 6th Study Group in Reggio Emilia
  • Spring 2022: Conference at EPFL from Alessandra Braglia, Pedagogista from Reggio Children
  • Fall 2021: 5th Study Group in Reggio Emilia
  • Saturday 29th May 2021 : Clay and light workshops for teaching professionals
  • Saturday 24th April 2021 : Discover Reggio Emilia Session for 40 teaching professionals
  • Thursday 8 and Friday 9th of October 2020: 4th Study trip to Reggio Emilia with 15 professionals. Read our blog article here.
  • Saturday 30th of May and Saturday 30th of June: Discover Reggio Emilia Sessions for 40 teaching professionals
  • Saturday 15th of June 2019: Discover Reggio Emilia Session for 40 teaching professionals
  • In Spring 2019, l’écoline organized the 3rd French-speaking Study Trip to Reggio Emilia for 40 participants (6 from l’écoline team) from Switzerland, France and Luxembourg
  • Saturday 6th of April 2019: Conference-Workshop from Elizabeth Biondo and Marion Julia about “A Reggio Emilia inspired environment for 3-6 years old children” in Fribourg “Assises de la Petite enfance”
  • Saturday 21st and 26th May 2018: Discover Reggio Emilia Morning for 40 teaching professionals
  • Saturday 24th March 2018: Discover Reggio Emilia Morning for 10 teaching professionals from the International Riviera School in Montreux
  • Saturday 29th April 2017: Discover Reggio Emilia Morning for 20 teaching professionals
  • Saturday 25th March 2017: Discover Reggio Emilia Morning for 20 teaching professionals from the FACEME in Montreux
  • In spring 2017, l’écoline organized the 2nd Swiss Study Trip to Reggio Emilia , with a large number of l’écoline’s staff, along with around 15 other professionals working with children, from all over French-speaking Switzerland.
  • In 2016, l’écoline organised the 1st Swiss Study Trip to Reggio Emilia. The majority of our team participated, with our two Directors, Marion Julia and Clare Anzevui, and 25 other professionals working with children from French-speaking Switzerland.
  • In 2015, Elizabeth Biondo, Teacher at l’écoline, participated in the 11th Conference of the North American Alliance RE (NAREA) in Pittsburgh (USA).
  • In 2015: After a first Encounter with artists and educators in June 2015, on 25 th November 2015, l’écoline welcomed around thirty artists and teaching professionals , who draw their inspiration from Reggio Emilia and/or those who feel close to his philosophy.
  • In 2014, all the l’écoline team took part in a 3 day Study trip to the International Centre
  • In 2013, our Educational Director, Clare Anzevui, took part in a one week « International Study Group » in Reggio. The same year, Carina Meier, our Dance Atelierista took part in the 3 day Seminar on danse and movement also in Reggio.