Paraschool | 1-6P

Every day our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. We should tread softly.

L’écoline welcomes children from 1P to 6P in its “Parascolaire” section located in the Pavillon close to the College des Pâquis (only for children enrolled in College des Pâquis – St-Sulpice). L’écoline is officially recognized and authorized by OAJE.

Children are accompanied by professional educators, 1 adult for 12 children (+ trainee).

We offer a pedagogy inspired mainly by the Reggio Emilia approach, but also by the forest school movement in general.

Parents fill in the registration form after contacting l’écoline by email. Priorities are given to:

  1. Families already under contract with l’écoline who need 4 to 5 days/week (lunch time+afternoon)
  2. New families who need 4 to 5 days/week (lunch time+afternoon)
  3. Families under contract with l’écoline who need less than 4 days/week
  4. New families who need less than 4 days/week
  5. + first come, first served!


L’écoline Parascolaire section is open every weekday from 11:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We request a minimum rate of 2 days, except for children coming only on Wednesdays.


Our meals are prepared and delivered by Kidelis.


The Commune provides us with a nice space in the Pavillon next to the main school. Smaller than our other sections, we strive to make the most of it and to offer an inspiring, welcoming and functional environment. Children go outside, in the park and the garden regularly as a complement of the schoolyard.


This service is offered thanks to a partnership with the St-Sulpice Commune. It complements the UAPE La plage des pirates’ own service, which is a public, subsidized structure, related to the AJESOL network. L’écoline, as an independent private un-subsidized structure can’t propose the same prices nor the same rules (for example in terms of prioritization), which explains the difference between the 2 offers.

Want to know more?

We would be delighted to welcome you onsite for more information and a tour of our school.